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S4 NEBULA – Heated TDLS ammonia analyser

Tunable Diode Laser Spectroscopy (TDLS) based ammonia analyser for fast and accurate measurement in process & environmental monitoring, automotive and research applications.

Optional Configuration

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Key Features

• Low detection limit 0.2ppm

• Large dynamic range

• Contactless measurement

• High resolution

• Excellent gas selectivity

• ISO 17179 


• Hydrogen process control/monitoring 

• Fertiliser process control/monitoring 

• Refrigerant measurement 

• AdBlue/Urea injection control 

• Ammonia Slip 

• Process Control/monitoring 

• Combustion research 

• Locomotive/automotive/marine combustion engine exhaust emissions 

• Flue gas emissions monitoring

• Process emissions monitoring


➔ NEBULA datasheet

➔ NEBULA User Manual

➔ Wireless Tablet User Manual

Technical Specification

• RANGES: Range A: 0 – 100ppm, Range B: 0 – 10000ppm, Ranges up to 0-20% available on request

• DIMENSIONS: 19” X 133.3mm X 550mm, Weight: 12 Kg


• PRECISION: 0.2ppm with 60s averaging time

• CROSS SENSITIVITY: <4% (15% vol. H2O)

• RESOLUTION: 0.1ppm T90 TIME: 2s @ gas flow rate of 3l/min

Optional Configuration

• 110VAC/220VAC (Standard – Universal)
• 24VDC

Gas & Cell Range:
Ammonia (NH3)
TDLS NH3 A (0-100ppm)
TDLSNH3 B (0-10,000ppm) 
TDLSNH3 Other ranges on request

Moisture content (HO2)
H2O > 5%vol – Application Mode
H2O < 5%vol Laborator
y Mode

Front Panel: 
Detachable Wireless Tablet

0-10VDC (Standard)
4-20mA (optional at extra cost) 

MI/995 – Analogue Output SCSI Cable (optional at extra cost)