Innovation drives instrument sales growth at Signal

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The UK instrumentation manufacturer Signal Group experienced a significant rise in sales during 2023, with strong demand for its gas analysis and associated equipment. Signal Group Managing Director James Clements says: “The growth in our business has continued in 2024, and as a result we are undertaking a major recruitment drive to ensure that we will continue to develop the market’s most advanced gas analysers, calibrators and sample handling equipment.”

James attributes the company’s growth to its long-term commitment to research and development. “Around 20% of our turnover is invested in product development,” he explains. “This ensures that we are able to respond quickly to changing customer needs, whilst taking advantage of the latest technologies. For example, our latest Series 4 analysers offer remote connectivity, as well as a removable screen which can function as a tablet. These innovative features are proving extremely popular with customers and help explain the expansion of our market share.”

With its focus on innovation, most of the company’s recruitment needs are for software and firmware engineers, as well as experienced service and installation engineers.

In addition to product innovation, James also attributes Signal’s growth to two other factors. “Firstly, in our experience, customers greatly appreciate a fast and comprehensive after-sales service capability,” James adds. “Secondly, they find it reassuring that we are a manufacturer, and that we manufacture here in the UK. So, to highlight this, we have recently become a member of ‘Made in Britain’.”

Sales growth at Signal has been from both the domestic and international markets, but James says: “The greatest increase in demand has come from UK research, particularly from those involved with engine development, working with clean low-carbon fuels.”