S4 PULSAR - NDIR Multi-gas analyser

The new PULSAR NDIR Multi-gas analyser from Signal Group has been upgraded to provide the company’s best ever performance specification. With ultra-low drift it is ideal for low range applications and high accuracy measurement. The unique design of the detector prevents cross-sensitivity to other gases and also removes the risk of contamination by particulate matter. As a result, this instrument is ideal for a wide range of industrial applications.

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Key Features

• Up to 5 channels

• Low ranges E.g. 0-10 ppm CO

• Fast speed of response

• 5 user-configurable ranges + autorange per channel

• Electronic pressure & temperature compensation

• RS232 ‘AK’ protocol, 4-20mA & 0-10VDC chart outputs

• Full ethernet remote diagnostics & control

• Free open-source remote software

• 24VDC or universal mains power supply

• Up to 23 x 1A contact closure outputs


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Technical Specification

CO: 0-100ppm to 0-100%
C02: 0-100ppm to 0-100%
CH4: 0-1000ppm to 0-100%
N2O: 0-1000ppm to 0-1%
SO2: 0-1000ppm to 0-1%


LINEARITY: 0.5 % of range or 1 % of reading

REPEATABILITY: 1 % of reading

ZERO DRIFT: 1 % FS per week

SPAN DRIFT: 1 % FS per 24 hrs

WARM UP TIME: Usable in 15 minutes, 1 hour to obtain specifications

FLOW SENSITIVITY: 1 % of range per l/min SAMPLE FILTER: 10 microns

OUTPUT SIGNAL: TCP/IP RS232/AK protocol 0.10 VDC

WATER (H20) INTERFERENCE: <1ppm/2ppm H2O typical

REMOTE OPERATION: Full suite of software running Window VB

SAMPLE TEMPERATURE: 5ºC – 40ºC Non-Condensing

POWER REQUIREMENTS: 110/220V 50/60 Hz 24VDC 70-350 Watts depending on number of channels

CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS: 316 Stainless steel PTFE Quartz Calcium Fluoride

SIZE: 19” x 133.5mm x 530 mm

WEIGHT: Max 23 Kg


• Servo controlled dumb bell detector Range 0-5 %, 0-10 %, 0-25%

• Accuracy +/- 0.01 % of reading

• Zero drift +/- 0.002 % O2 hour

• Tilt effect 0.01 % O2 degree

• Magnetic effect A mass of soft magnetic material placed anywhere on the enclosure will cause a change in reading of less than +/- 0.1% O2

• Detector noise Less than 0.005 % O2

• Linearity Better than 0.1 % O2

Optional Configurations

• Wireless Tablet or blank screen for systems integration

• USB socket, SD card

• 4-20mA output

• Canbus

• 35 programmable contact closures (can be configured to select cal gas per channel and per range with cal gas value set in instrument memory)