821S Gas Divider

The Signal Group’s 821S Gas Divider enables the users of gas analysers to test the linearity of their instruments – simply, quickly and accurately.

Product Description

The 821S has ten identical capillaries and a precision balance regulator. The span gas can be selected to flow through a number of those capillaries with the diluent flowing through the remainder, to produce a ratio. Many types of gas analyser are inherently non-linear due to the physical nature of the analysing technique. Photometric analysers (NDIR, NDUV, FTIR / spectrophotometers) need to be linearised before they leave the factory and then at regular intervals during service. Other more linear analysers will also need to be checked for linearity periodically whilst in service. This should be part of the QA/QC regime.

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Key Features

  • Extremely reliable repeatability performance of +/-0.5% of point
  • Simple to operate
  • Remote control allowing automated instrument linearity auditing and calibration
  • UKAS and NIST calibration available
  • Remote control audit software available
  • Ideal for regulated gas analyzer auditing and calibration e.g. US EPA CFR40 Part 1065
  • Compliant with international standards



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