360 – Heated pump/filter/dist. oven

A medium duty heated Prefilter unit is installed in the 19″ Rack housing of the analysers. The Prefilter is fitted with a choice of either one (361) or two (362) filter streams (for either two sample points, pre/post cat or twin cells). The units incorporate a heated head sample pump, gas distribution needle valve manifold, back  pressure regulator. The unit provides 3 heated outputs and 1 cold output to a chiller or cooler/dryer.

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A 19” rack mount unit designed to provide filtration, distribution of hot sample gas throughout the gas analyser system. Model 360 comprises a temperature controlled oven assembly (heated to 191oC), housing a particulate filter, high flow (15l/min) heated head sample pump and needle-valve manifold arrangement.

Filter removal and needle-valve adjustment is easily achieved via the front panel, enabling individual flow control to three heated output ports and single output for cooler/dryer for cold analysers.

Sample gas pressure is displayed on the front panel and a thermocouple socket on the rear panel allows sample temperature to be monitored.


AdBlue/Urea injection control

Air separation

Ammonia Slip


Biomass combustion monitoring

Boiler and Combustion Performance

Boiler/stove emissions compliance

Carbon bed breakthrough detection

Catalyst Research

Combustion emissions monitoring

Combustion research

Compliance monitoring

Container leakage control/monitoring

Continuous emissions monitoring (CEM)


Engine Exhaust

Environmental Permit

Fermentation monitoring

Fertiliser process control/monitoring

Flue gas emissions monitoring

Fuel cell analysis

Gas purity

Gas turbine exhaust emissions


Methane Cutting


Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP)

NOx emissions monitoring

Paintshop emissions

Portable VOC emissions

Process control

Process Emission Monitoring

Safety monitoring

Scrubber efficiency

Semiconductor Gases

Semiconductor manufacturing process monitoring

Solvent/VOC abatement/scrubber efficiency

Source emissions

Stack testing

Thermal oxidiser control/monitoring

Tobacco Testing

Toxic Gas Measurement

Vehicle emissions


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Technical Specification

NO. OF FILTERS: 1 (Model 361) or 2 (Model 362)


MATERIAL: 316 Stainless Steel


PUMP FLOW: 15 l/min at 191ºC (free flow)

FILTER TYPE: Replaceable 0.1 microns fibreglass

DIMENSIONS: 19” rack x 6U. 260(h) x 424(w) x 440(d) mm

WEIGHT: 20kg

Optional Configuration

NO. OF FILTERS: 1 (Model 361) or 2 (Model 362)