360 - Heated pump/filter/dist. oven

A medium duty heated Prefilter unit is installed in the 19″ Rack housing of the analysers. The Prefilter is fitted with a choice of either one (361) or two (362) filter streams (for either two sample points, pre/post cat or twin cells). The units incorporate a heated head sample pump, gas distribution needle valve manifold, back  pressure regulator. The unit provides 3 heated outputs and 1 cold output to a chiller or cooler/dryer.

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Sample Handling

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Additional Information

A 19” rack mount unit designed to provide filtration, distribution of hot sample gas throughout the gas analyser system. Model 360 comprises a temperature controlled oven assembly (heated to 191oC), housing a particulate filter, high flow (15l/min) heated head sample pump and needle-valve manifold arrangement.

Filter removal and needle-valve adjustment is easily achieved via the front panel, enabling individual flow control to three heated output ports and single output for cooler/dryer for cold analysers.

Sample gas pressure is displayed on the front panel and a thermocouple socket on the rear panel allows sample temperature to be monitored.


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Technical Specification

NO. OF FILTERS: 1 (Model 361) or 2 (Model 362)


MATERIAL: 316 Stainless Steel


PUMP FLOW: 15 l/min at 191ºC (free flow)

FILTER TYPE: Replaceable 0.1 microns fibreglass

DIMENSIONS: 19” rack x 6U. 260(h) x 424(w) x 440(d) mm

WEIGHT: 20kg

Optional Configuration

NO. OF FILTERS: 1 (Model 361) or 2 (Model 362)