S4 SOLAR XPLORE - Portable heated FID VOC analyser

The latest addition to our range of advanced FID analysers, the S4 SOLAR XPLORE is a compact, portable version of our popular S4 SOLAR rack mount analyser. With built-in features such as a detachable wireless tablet, a precision monobloc heated FID and an optional integrated Zero air generator, the S4 SOLAR XPLORE can be fitted with dual FID detectors for simultaneous monitoring of THC, NMHC and methane.

Key Features

• Single or dual detectors

• Integrated zero air generator

• Rugged and portable

• Wireless tablet interface

• Typical warm up 30 minutes

• Precision monobloc heated FID

• Simultaneous monitoring of THC, NMHC & Methane


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• Air separation

• Solvent/VOC abatement/scrubber efficiency

• Thermal oxidiser control/monitoring

• Process control

• Combustion research

• Biomass combustion monitoring

• Carbon bed breakthrough detection

• Gas purity

• Locomotive/automotive/marine combustion engine exhaust emissions

• Gas turbine exhaust emissions

• Vehicle emissions

• Source emissions

• Stack testing

• Fermentation monitoring

• Continuous emissions monitoring (CEM)

• Container leakage control/monitoring

• Safety monitoring

• Compliance monitoring

• Landfill

• Semiconductor manufacturing process monitoring

Technical Specification