Oxygen (O2)

Oxygen (O2) is essential for combustion and life-supporting processes, and its precise monitoring is crucial in various industrial, medical, and environmental settings. Monitoring oxygen levels helps ensure operational safety, optimise combustion processes, and maintain necessary health standards in medical and biological applications.

Signal Group offers state-of-the-art oxygen analysers designed for accurate, reliable, and continuous monitoring, providing essential data to maintain safety and improve efficiency across diverse applications.


Paramagnetic (PMG) oxygen analysers for accurate percent measurements in combustion testing, inert atmospheres, medical and safety for humans, internal combustion engine exhaust and many more applications

remote data logging

analyser set-up

gas path configuration

fault log examination


Multi-gas NDIR analyser series for industrial gas applications, combustion research, emissions monitoring and gas purity measurement (with optional oxygen analyser).

detachable wireless tablet

5 user-configurable ranges + autorange per channel

electronic pressure & temperature compensation

rotating gas filter design for minimal cross sensitivty

Rely on Signal Group for Your Oxygen Monitoring Needs

With Signal Group’s oxygen analysers, you gain a partner dedicated to providing precise and reliable monitoring solutions. Whether for industrial safety, medical accuracy, or environmental assessment, our analysers help you maintain the necessary oxygen levels to ensure safety, compliance, and operational excellence. 

Contact us today to explore how our oxygen monitoring technology can benefit your organisation.