Competition to find Signal’s oldest working gas analyser

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Signal Group has announced a competition to find the oldest working Signal gas analyser in the world. Any Signal customer can enter by emailing the serial number of their instrument along with a couple of photos, before 14th June 2024. There will also be a prize for the best photo – irrespective of the instrument’s age.

“We know that many customers have been using their analysers for significantly longer than ten years,” explains Signal MD James Clements. “Our factory has been located in Camberley, near London since 1984, and over the last 40 years we have supplied thousands of analysers to customers all over the world. Many of these regularly come back to the factory for service, so we know that these instruments are lasting really well, which is a credit to my father John Clements who started and ran the business for several decades.”

The two competition winners (1. Oldest instrument & 2. Best instrument photo) will each receive a free service to rejuvenate their instrument (parts and transport not included).

The idea for the competition was prompted by a refurbishment request from a customer in the USA with a Signal 3010 portable FID analyser that had obviously been “used enthusiastically” over an extended period. Signal Service Manager Roy Kinslow said: “This analyser had clearly been subjected to long-standing and wide-ranging physical challenges, but we were able to restore full functionality, and with a new casing, it looked almost as good as new.” 

Anyone interested in entering either of the competitions should email their photos and serial numbers to