S4 AURORA - Paramagnetic oxygen analyser

The new S4 AURORA Paramagnetic oxygen analysers provide accurate percent measurements in combustion testing, inert atmospheres, medical and safety for humans, internal combustion engine exhausts and many more applications. With a remote software suite for control over the Internet, and an optional wireless tablet, the S4 AURORA is simple to operate. To ensure flexibility, users are able to specify their required configuration and programmable contact closures are available for gas path control. In common with all S4 analysers, the AURORA range deliver outstanding performance –  0.01% resolution and  0.1% linearity.

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Key Features

• Many different configurations

• Programmable contact closure for gas path control

• Wireless tablet

• Remote software suite for control over the Internet

• 0.01% O2 resolution

• 0.1% linearity


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Technical Specification

DETECTOR TYPE: Paramagnetic. ‘Dumb bell’ servo driven.

Range A: 0-5%, 0-10%, 0-25%.
Range B: 0-100%
Range C: 95-100%

NOISE: 0.005% O2.

LINEARITY: +/- 0.1% O2

REPEATABILITY: < +/- 0.01% O2

ZERO DRIFT: <+/- 0.2% O2 per 30 days


FLOW EFFECT: 0.05% change in reading with flow change of 0.4 l/min to 1.4 l/min into atmospheric pressure.

ZERO – 0.1% O2 Change per degrees-C
SPAN – 0.05% O2 Change per degrees-C

TILT EFFECT: 0.01% O2 per degree of tilt.

EXTERNAL MAGNETIC EFFECT: A mass of soft magnetic material anywhere on the enclosure will cause less than 0.1 % O2 change in reading.

CONSTRUCTION: Wetted parts, 316 Stainless steel and Quartz

DIMENSIONS: 19” X 133.3mm X 550mm


POWER REQUIREMENTS: 110VAC – 250VAC or 24VDC. 70 Watts.

0-10 volts
Ethernet (remote software is included)
Optional 4-20 mA.

GAS CALIBRATION SERVICES: Nitrogen (to set analyser zero) Oxygen in Nitrogen of appropriate concentration for calibration. Or room air.

Optional Configurations

OPTIONAL: Atmospheric barometric pressure compensation