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SOLAR screen with hand

Wireless tablet puts gas data where it matters…in your hands

The technology development team at Signal Group have announced the launch of yet another market leading innovation for its S4 gas analysers – a completely detachable screen.  “We noticed that it was either inconvenient or impossible for many of our customers to be physically next to their analysers in order

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Calibration of the Linearity of Emissions Gas Analysers

Continuous Emission Monitoring (CEMs) operators are already familiar with the need to calibrate their stack analysers using certified calibration gases.  Frequent calibration against an accurate certified gas ensures that the measurements from the stack will be as accurate as the calibration gas provided that the analysers don’t drift in between

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Managing Director, James Clements

Signal MD joins engine emissions Standards committee

As a developer and manufacturer of gas analysers since 1977, Signal Group staff possess a high level of knowledge in the sampling and analysis of gases in industrial processes and emissions. The company is therefore able to help in the development of international test standards, and was recently invited to

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Monitoring and controlling VOC emissions

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of VOC monitoring equipment, Signal Group performs a vital role in helping to protect the environment from harmful emissions. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are harmful to both health and the environment, so the management of risks associated with VOCs necessitates accurate and reliable

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Transportable VOC emissions analyser submitted for QAL1 certification

As a British developer and manufacturer of gas analysers, Signal Group follows the emergence of international Standards very closely. This is because Standards ensure that monitors are fit for purpose, and also because regulators require operators to employ suitably certified equipment. Signal Group is therefore delighted to confirm that the

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Signal’s Chinese distributor, Beijing Leshi Alliance Tech and Signal Group Managing Director, James Clements

Technical Training For Our Distributors

As part of the company’s commitment to quality and reliability, Signal Group regularly runs service and technical training courses for its international distributors. The most recent to benefit from this were four visitors from Signal’s Chinese distributor, Beijing Leshi Alliance Tech. The training covered Signal’s most popular products including portable

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Multigas analysers for multiple applications

The S4 PULSAR range of NDIR multi-gas analysers are available in 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 gas channel configurations, offering high levels of performance with monitoring options including carbon dioxide, methane, nitric oxide, nitrous oxide, sulphur dioxide, hydrogen chloride and oxygen. The flexibility and advanced capabilities of these analysers

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Simple and accurate gas calibrator

Signal Group’s highly accurate but simple to operate Gas Divider, the 821S is designed for testing the linearity and calibration of almost any gas analyser. This instrument only requires one calibration gas and a zero gas in order to conduct a full range calibration check. The linearity of all gas

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New emissions regulations for stoves

From 1st January 2022, a European regulation will impose Ecodesign requirements for solid fuel local space heaters. Regulation (EU) 2015/1185 24/5/2015 describes the requirements which will harmonise energy consumption, particulate matter, organic gaseous compounds, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides emission requirements for solid fuel local space heaters throughout the European

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Managing NOx gas emissions from combustion

Pollution can only be managed effectively if it is monitored effectively. So, as political pressure increases on measures to limit the emissions of the oxides of nitrogen, James Clements, Managing Director of UK analyser manufacturer Signal Group, explains the current issues and unveils the latest advances in monitoring technology. Nitrogen

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