Did you know?

Our S4 units are capable of having all the flows, pressures and temperatures read and adjusted remotely via the internet. This together with the out of limit alarms may be messaged to Signal Group where the service department can check the readings and adjust the settings if necessary.

All S4 gas analysers have digital signal processing utilising 24 bit A-D converters. This allows the analysers to have a seamless reading of 100000:1 without the need to change range.

For NDIR analysers a special linearity algorithm allows the service team to enter 11 readings generated using a Signal 821 Gas Divider. The algorithm extrapolates these readings to create a linearity curve which produces errors of less than 0.05% of full scale, ten times more accurate than previous generations!

The product intellectual property and design drawings for the QUASAR and NOXGEN were bought back in 1980. Since that time, the products have evolved considerably; benefitting from Signal Group’s in-house development programmes. However, with decades of proven accuracy and reliability, the core technologies have remained the same.