Heated Line plus 530 Model Temperature Controller

Signal Group’s sample handling modules and components condition gas samples in preparation for analysis. 1/4″ & 3/8″ tube diameter, 1m to 20m in length. Signal Group’s Trace heated line is designed to convey hot exhaust gasses from sample  points and probes  to analyser, without  compromising sample integrity. With safety a major consideration the tough, flexible line is electrically isolated from the main supply and is thermally insulated to allow handling even at full temperature.

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Key Features

• Available with replaceable PTFE lines

• Braided heating element eliminates cold spots

• Vital for accurate testing of heated samples containing soluble or condensing gases


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AdBlue/Urea injection control

Air separation

Ammonia Slip


Biomass combustion monitoring

Boiler and Combustion Performance

Boiler/stove emissions compliance

Carbon bed breakthrough detection

Catalyst Research

Combustion efficiency

Combustion emissions monitoring

Combustion research

Compliance monitoring

Container leakage control/monitoring

Continuous emissions monitoring (CEM)


Engine Exhaust

Environmental Permit

Evaporative emissions

Fermentation monitoring

Fertiliser process control/monitoring

Flue gas emissions monitoring

Fuel cell analysis

Gas purity

Gas turbine exhaust emissions


Methane Cutting

NOx emissions monitoring

Paintshop emissions

Portable VOC emissions

Process control

Process Emission Monitoring

Safety monitoring

Scrubber efficiency

Semiconductor Gases

Semiconductor manufacturing process monitoring

SNCR – Selective Non-catalytic Reduction

Solvent/VOC abatement/scrubber efficiency

Source emissions

Stack testing

Thermal oxidiser control/monitoring

Toxic Gas Measurement

Vehicle emissions


Technical Specification

CONSTRUCTION: PTFE braided tube, thermally insulated with silicone sponge and surrounded with wire reinforced PVC hosing. Continuous lengths of 100ft and more available.

HEATING ELEMENT: Flexible, stainless steel braiding.

VOLTAGE AND CURRENT: Approximately 1.5V/ft, 18Amp constant

DIAMETER: 1/8in, 1/4in and 3/8in are standard in either normal thickness (0.04in) or heavy duty (0.06in). Other diameters are available on request.

CONTROLLER: Zero voltage switch type, all solid state, housed in standard 96x96mm panel mounted case. Proportional band for temperature stability.


TRANSFORMER: Individually wound to voltage required.

Optional Configuration

• Portable carrying case for laboratory use containing controller and transformer.

• 1/8in, 1/4in and 3/8in are standard in either normal thickness (0.04in) or heavy duty (0.06in). Other diameters are available on request.