Top overseas distributor in 2019…

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Gas analyser sales at Signal Group grew during 2019, and congratulations go to Beijing Leshi Alliance Tech. which was the most successful export market distributor.

Beijing Leshi Alliance Tech. is the company responsible for sales in China of Signal’s FID gas analysers and the new Series 4 suite of analysers. “This is particularly gratifying,” comments Signal MD James Clements, “because several of their staff visited our factory in the UK for training at the beginning of 2019, so it is great to see that they are already starting to make an impact in the market.”
As the exclusive Chinese distributor for these products, Beijing Leshi Alliance Tech. has been particularly successful in the sale of Signal’s portable VOC emissions analyser, the 3010 MINIFID PURE, which employs a flame ionisation detection method for the analysis of hydrocarbons in gaseous emissions from painting and coating operations, as well as from engines and combustion plant, and other processes that utilise solvents.
Lightweight and rugged with an integral heated sample line, the MINIFID is ideal for testing multiple sites or for testing multiple locations at one site. The accuracy and reliability of the instrument is underpinned by a built-in catalytic air purifier, which ensures that readings are not affected by ambient gases. James believes that the portability, reliability and high quality technical support are major factors in driving successful sales in China.

You can find our distributor contact details here.