AS80 Zero air generator

The AS80 Zero air generator is designed to provide an inexpensive source of clean, zero-grade air for flame ionisation detectors (FID). The unit removes all hydrocarbons, including methane, down to 0.1% of original  level. Up to 10 FID units can be run from one unit. The AS80 contains a high temperature furnace containing alumina pellets coated  in platinum, this oxidizes all combustible compounds to CO2 and H2O. The unit can completely remove methane at rates of up to 5 l/min high efficiency and up to 20 l/min medium efficiency.

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Key Features

• Replaces expensive air cylinders

• Uses replaceable, long-life catalyst

• Runs up to 5 flame ionisation detectors

• Connects direct to airline

• Incorporates a molecular sieve to prevent water vapour

• Uses high temperature furnace

• Removes all hydrocarbons, including methane


Air separation


Biomass combustion monitoring

Boiler and Combustion Performance

Boiler/stove emissions compliance

Carbon bed breakthrough detection

Combustion emissions monitoring

Combustion research

Compliance monitoring

Container leakage control/monitoring

Continuous emissions monitoring (CEM)

Engine Exhaust

Environmental Permit

Evaporative emissions

Fermentation monitoring

Fuel cell analysis

Gas purity

Gas turbine exhaust emissions

Paintshop emissions

Portable VOC emissions

Process control

Process Emission Monitoring

Scrubber efficiency

Semiconductor Gases

Semiconductor manufacturing process monitoring

Solvent/VOC abatement/scrubber efficiency

Source emissions

Stack testing

Thermal oxidiser control/monitoring

Toxic Gas Measurement

Vehicle emissions



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Technical Specification

RANGE: Up to 500ppm methane equivalent

EFFICIENCY: Hydrocarbons reduced to below 0.1% of original level

METHOD USED: Catalytic oxidation, with molecular sieve

RATINGS: 100psig, 5l/min STP

POWER: 240V 50Hz 600W

DIMENSIONS: 19” rack mounting 3U high, 19” x 133.5mm x 570mm

WEIGHT: 15kg

COMPRESSION FITTINGS: 1/4” to 1/4” compression fitting