Signal Group’s involvement in engine emissions testing dates back to the very beginning of the company in 1977. Since that time, a commitment to research and development has assured the provision of analysers featuring the latest advances in technology, designed to test to the latest Standards.

The new S4 analysers are particularly well suited to engine testing. The instrument screen has been replaced by a detachable tablet so that the operator can control the analyser via Bluetooth from outside of the test cell. In addition, the analysers have Ethernet capability so that users can connect with their instruments from anywhere and at any time.

In contrast with many competitive systems, the Signal analysers are able, if necessary, to operate completely independently, which is a major advantage during service operations and when an analyser is off-line for any reason.

Each analyser is designed to meet the latest USEPA 1065 and EURO 6 requirements.

S4 Solar

Flame Ionisation Detector (FID) analysers for gas purity, air separation plant, engine emissions, combustion studies and process plant VOC abatement monitoring.

wireless tablet

totally automatic operation

precision monobloc fid

high range % available

S4 Quasar

Chemiluminescent Detector (CLD) for NOx measurement in engine emissions, combustion studies, process plant, CEMS and medical gas production.

wireless tablet

dual detectors for continous NO2, NO and NOx readings

totally automatic operation

very high vacuum with dry vac pump or atmospheric pressure version


NDIR Multi-gas analyser series for industrial gas applications, combustion research, emissions monitoring and gas purity measurement (with optional oxygen analyser).

wireless tablet

Rotating gas filter design for minimal cross sensitivity

CO low, CO high, CO2, CO2 EGR, O2

Available in 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 gas channel configurations

Custom Systems

Dual FID, dual CLD and CO hi, CO low, CO2, CO2 EGR and O2 are offered as standalone analysers built in 3-unit 19” enclosures. 

Signal Group also produces a wide range of sample handing modules such as heated prefilter units, multichannel sample selectors and flexible heated lines. In combination with the Signal Group 401 system controller, the company is able to build a complete emissions analyser system with automation/logging for most applications.

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